Competitive Exams

Opportunities and training are provided to participate in prestigious competitive exams by conducting special coaching classes on Saturdays and holidays for the following competitive exams.

 sof   Inspiring young minds through knowledge Olympiads



SOF is a registered, not for profit education foundation set up in 1998 to promote a scientific temper among school students. It encourages development of a scientific aptitude through innovative activities and use of information technology in the learning process across the globe – thus creating an international fraternity of which students and their institutions proud to be members .

SOF conducts four Olympiad exams in an endeavour to develop a greater competitive spirit, better assessment and exploration of potential among students. The following Olympiads are conducted each year

SOF- National Cyber Olympiad (SOF-NCO)

SOF- National Science Olympiad (SOF-NSO)

SOF – international Mathematics Olympiad (SOF-IMO)

SOF – international English Olympiad (SOF-IEO)

(IN PARTNERSHIP with the British Council)

During 2013-14, over 27000 schools from more than 1350 cities registered and millions of students appeared for the above Olympiads. These Olympiads are conducted across 16 countries. The detailed analysis and results of these for each student & each school will be highly beneficial to student and parents for assessing the growth and development of the participating students .

The registration fee is Rs.120 per Olympiad exam.

AAA school is participating in the 2015-16 SOF Olympiads. To register please return the completed student Consent Form to the school co-ordinating teacher along with the registration fee.

Please contact the principal or your child’s class teacher for further information on the procedures of participation. For practice questions and other details, please visit


University of Cambridge Examinations:

Children who learn English When they are young have an advantage that will stay them all their life. Learning English can give your child a valuable head start in life that lead to improved employment opportunities and opening doors to studying and working abroad.

The sooner they start learning the better – with the right methods, they can learn English quickly, effectively and enjoyably. Even the most basic certificate is a start on the pathway to qualifications that are useful work and study.

Levels involved: There are eight levels in total. They are as follows:


Young Learners English (YLE): Starters, is the first of three Cambridge English: Young Learners tests specifically designed for school children aged between 7 and 12. This exam sets your child off on their language learning adventure, introducing them to everyday written and spoken English in a fun and motivating way.

Young Learners English (YLE): Movers, is the second of three tests specifically designed for school children aged between7 and 12. This exam shows a child is beginning to deal with everyday written and spoken English at a basic level

Young Learners English (YLE): Flyers, is the highest of three tests specifically designed for School children aged between 7 and 12. Cambridge English: Flyers shows a child can deal with everyday written and spoken English at a basic level.


KET (Key English Test), PET (preliminary English Test ), FCE (First Certificate in English),

CAE (certificate in Advanced English) and CPE (certificate in Proficiency of English)


Fully operational command of the spoken language.


Good operational command of the spoken language.


Generally effective command of the spoken language.

PET -LEVEL B1 (Threshold)

Limited but effective command of the spoken language.


Basic command of the spoken language.


  • Skill-based test.
  • Provides detailed skill-wise feedback highlighting strengths and weaknesses.
  • Provides a benchmark of the student’s performance with peers all over the country.

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