Culturally rich and grounded, at the same time progressive and ready to imbibe ‘newness’ describes our onward journey which nearly spans three decades. Memories of those nascent beginnings still resound in every nook and cranny of our school. They dared to dream from a humble tent age and had the courage and resilience to fulfill the same. Overcoming all hurdles the dream materialized into a name to reckon with.

Our Nursery class which lays and nurtures the foundation of the ‘school cycle’ is housed in a separate building whereby the little ones can run, play, express and partake in safe open environs. After a year of careful nurturing in the Nursery Wing, the infants take pride in graduating into the Junior School (Prep to UKG).
Our school follows the curriculum based on the guidelines given by the National Curriculum Framework (N.C.E.R.T.) with a thematic approach. Nursery to UKG has the support of double teachers in each class. For the Holistic development of each child, a system of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (C.C.E) is carried out. The assessment is based on the grade system.

Scholastic Co-Scholastic
Gain skills and knowledge and the will to use them.Learning to investigate and enquire scientifically.

To listen attentively, with understanding and interest.

To communicate and express thoughts, feelings and ideas through the written and spoken word.

To read fluently with expression and understanding.

To use and apply mathematical skills in a variety of situations within and out of schools.

Form healthy attitudes of mind, body and imagination.Understand the importance and achievement in the Creative Arts.

To gain an interest and enjoyment in a wide variety of hobbies, cultural and sporting activities.

Not the ones to revel only in achievements, we believe in nurturing impartially by giving hundred percent participation in all our functions and annual days. Exercise, theatre, games, academics, and competitions are part and parcel of our daily routine. In the midst of all this, sound values underline the activities as, at no time we can ignore the fact that we are Indians first and then global citizens.

Our Specialty

Our AAA International School aims to provide quality education in the ideal environment with lush green campus and sports facilities to create the next-generation leaders with intelligence, personality and humanity.

The learning environment, curriculum, attention to grooming, hygiene and opportunities at AAA is developed to make your child competitive in academics, sports and extra-curricular activities while developing creative thinking and exploration. More»