Education is incomplete without sports as the qualities of self-confidence, discipline, accountability and teamwork are inculcated on the ground, not within the four walls of the classroom.

Also a sound mind in a sound body’ is what AAA International School, strongly believes in. The school provides a complete platform of fitness and well-being by offering a wide range of sports and games for children of all age groups. The school believes that participating together in a sport or game is a chance for a child to learn from and teach one another in a positive atmosphere of support and camaraderie. Fitness activities had done together have a double benefit. Each child gets to improve personally while having fun with those he/she loves.

Trained coaches encourage the children to try a wide selection of sports and games like gymnastics, skating, table tennis, judo, football, badminton and cricket. Children are encouraged to try a wide selection of sports and activities rather than concentrating on just one or two. This promotes the development of strength, flexibility and eye-hand and eye-foot co-ordination as well as muscular endurance.

The sports and games complex ensures good health. Emphasis on regular exercise for physical fitness is the key aspect of the programme. Well qualified physical training instructors supervise all games. Fostering team spirit with the maxim. “Give your best and leave the rest” is our aim. P. T. and yoga under qualified instructors is compulsory. To enhance the team spirit, games such as cricket, football, volleyball are encouraged. The school also offers a choice amongst tennis, table tennis, badminton, basketball, horse riding, swimming, skating, karate, athletics, kho-kho, chess and carom etc. A modern standard size swimming pool with NIS trained coaches ensure proper exercise as well as medal haul at state & national level.

The sports committee of the school provides students with opportunities to relieve the stress of academic rigor and focus on personal development.

Our Specialty

Our AAA International School aims to provide quality education in the ideal environment with lush green campus and sports facilities to create the next-generation leaders with intelligence, personality and humanity.

The learning environment, curriculum, attention to grooming, hygiene and opportunities at AAA is developed to make your child competitive in academics, sports and extra-curricular activities while developing creative thinking and exploration. More»